Photography and experiences in Norrland

A visual blog by photographer Thomas Åberg. I visit popular places, try activities, and meet interesting people in the north, what we in Sweden call Norrland.

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Sorry I don’t have the English translation ready but feel free to enjoy the visual language of photography right now or use translation in your browser.

Experience the North

7 favorites to visit and photograph in northern Sweden. See the movie or Swedish article

My top locations from 2019.

Road Trip through northern Sweden

Mazda shots from my travels and intro to beautiful locations. See more

Mazda CX-5 road trip in northern Sweden

The Mazda CX-5 is my office and preferred car for my photo adventures in the north. It’s a joy to drive and a real beauty to photograph.

Norrland247 on youtube

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Winter wonderland and powerful rapids

Feel the power of a dog sled team