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By Thomas Åberg @norrland247

Midnight sun over Lule river

See more shots and read about my experience on Midnings sun panorama boat, floating on the mighty Lule river under the warmth from the true midnight sun.

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Midnattssol över Luleälven vid Jokkmokk från Midnight sun boat

The sun is up all night long from 5 June to 8 July. And it will not get dark before the end of August.

See some movie clip from my youtube channel.

Utsikt Midnight sun boat i Jokkmokk

Warm light on my face at 02.04. am.

Fiske på Midnight sun boat i Luleälven

Fishing under the midnight sun.

Fiske på Midnight sun boat i Luleälven

Summer Perch for the night snack.

Halstra Abborre på Midnightsun boat på Luleälven Jokkmokk

Grilling my fish on the floating fireplace.

Äkta midnattssol över Luleälven vid Jokkmokk

True midnight sun in Jokkmokk.

Midnightsun boat midnattssol Luleälven Jokkmokk

Panorama window with amazing nature view and a nice double bed to sleep.

Midnightsun boat Luleälven Jokkmokk

Floating on the Lule river and hearing the tales about Sápmi food.

Laga souvas på muurikka över öppen eld på Luleälven

Cajsa Isaksson, who runs the hostel Åsgård in Jokkmokk, prepares souvas on muurikka over an open fire while we slowly float on the Lule River.

Suovas på muurikka tillagat på Midnightsun boat i Jokkmokk

It was a perfect day to experience the Sápmi food and stunning nature from the floating deck.

Samisk matupplevelse på Midnight sun boat i Jokkmokk

Suovas snack with black currant lemonade.

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Midnight sun panorama boat
Article in Swedish and links for booking

Summer and time for a barbecue!

I had a great time with this product shoot. Köttbutiken is a butcher shop in my hometown Luleå. This is the place I go for meat and local delicacies. See more

Entrecote från Köttbutiken på tallrik med öl och pommes frittes

Entrecote from the grill on a plate. See more from Köttbutiken

Ice and light village

Unique accommodation by the Kalix river in northern Sweden. See more

Skådar norrsken på Ice and light village i en blå skjorta med snöflingor från Style of Norrland

I did not get so lucky to have northern light in my visit but if the sky was blessed by the magic light it would have looked like this. Creative retouching in collaboration with Style of Norrland (Swedish). See more from Ice and light village

Arctic Bath

Sweden’s new top attraction for spa lovers. See more

Arctic Bath uniqt spa i Harads

Unique design with Pine tree logs and the entrance to Arctic Bath in Harads, Sweden.

Arctic Bath utepool i Luleälven

Cool down in the natural ice pool.

Arctic Bath bastu

Warm up again in the sauna. See more from Arctic bath

Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi

The original Icehotel in Sweden. See more

Icehotel Jukkasjärvi cermonirum 2019

Ceremonial room 2019.

Icehotel Jukkasjärvi isskulptur Dancing Auroras

Art suite: 217 – Dancing Auroras av Emilie Steele och Sebastian Dellúva.

Icehotel Jukkasjärvi svit

Art suite: 314 – Téckara av Javier Opazo. See more from Icehotel

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